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Looking for a graphic design service? You’ve arrived at so much more. We are professional branding experts and we help businesses just like yours attract, engage and sell to clients through remarkable graphic design. Crafting a visual message that elevates the quality of your product – and sees it leap into the hands of customers – is the arena we love to play in.

Let us tour you through our extensive design services, from comprehensive branding concepts through to final print management. You’ll see portfolios we’ve crafted for iconic brands including Telstra and H2coco. And you’ll quickly recognise why we are the dream team to bring your professional branding goals to life. We do things around here with precision, speed and unrivalled vigour and we know your brand will thank us for it… Got your seatbelt fastened?

With nearly 20 years’ experience in branding, design, publication, copywriting and digital media across an impressive client base, we know exactly which services to leverage to start your customer relationships on the right note.

Want to rub shoulders and align your brand with some of these industry leaders? From emerging businesses to iconic brands, our portfolio showcases a selection of projects entrusted by Kendice Creative.

Remarkable creations materialise when remarkable people work together. Ken and Candice are the dynamic duo behind Kendice Creative, and they can’t wait to see what unfolds when their team collaborates with yours.

Our Guarantee

Kendice Creative designs are 100% original concepts, personalised exclusively for your brand. No cookie-cutter templates, no short-cuts and zero disappointments. 

Our highest quality print services will take your stellar digital design to next level. Think business cards, catalogues, and breath-taking large format posters. 

There’s graphic designers, then there’s branding specialists. Our industry experience and business nous is a winning combination that means you can expect products and service second to none. 

We don’t settle for satisfied customers; we have raving fans. Our impeccable service history is something we strive to uphold in every client engagement. Your success is ours. 

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