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Smart branding for brilliant business

Seven seconds. That’s all the time needed to make a first and lasting impression. Would you step into the most important meeting of your life wearing odd socks and what appear to be remnants of last night’s dinner on your shirt? When your brand’s imagery is the face and the identity of your business, what is the message you’re giving to others about your quality, expertise, credibility, creativity, and flair? 

Kendice Creative is not a graphic design service. Surprised? Don’t be. We are experts in crafting five-star brand identities for brilliant businesses. Our extensive client base understands the value of highly creative and original design, and what it can deliver their bottom line. From concept through to completion, our expertise will bring your brand’s identity to life. 

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Graphic Design Gurus

Impressive design delivers more than just pleasing aesthetics. Kendice Creative understand just how to leverage each founding principle of graphic design to project your brand’s message with conviction and clarity. Stunning branding packages including logos, letterheads, business cards and business stationery, through to promotional flyers, catalogues, and impressive annual reports. We’ll propel your brand from bland to brilliant. 

Digital Dream Team

Is your digital branding as ‘rad’ as a top 10 hit from 1997? Sure, it was cool at the time – but we’ve all moved on, and so have your customers. Kendice Creative is the perfect place for a digital makeover. We’ll bring your dated photos and imagery back to life, catapult your website to the current day with a new favicon, logos, web banners and info graphics, and see your social media strategy taken seriously with professional design showcased on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter banners. We’ll get your resumé in order too. Come on in and take a seat and relax as we pluck, polish and transform your brand with our renowned digital makeovers. 

Publication Prodigies

Want to make a real impact with your magazine publication, book or annual report? Compelling visual content results in higher reader engagement and retainment of information. In fact, eye-tracking studies show that readers often spend more time looking at relevant imagery than text!1 Part science, part magic, the team at Kendice Creative will make you proud to have your publication judged by its cover. 

Print Management Masters

Living in a digital age means there’s never been a more important time to pack a punch with your print presentations. Show your clients that what you wow them with online can be delivered off-line, and then some. From the smallest of business cards to are jaw-droppingly impressive large format posters, Kendice Creative’s professional print services will take your products from vanilla to va-va-voom. 

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