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 Iconic design is often the result of powerful partnerships. 
Frederick Olmsted and Calvert Vaux gave us New York City’s Central Park. 
A collaboration between John Cooper and Alexander Issigonis gave us the Mini Cooper. 

Ken Ng and Candice Chia are the dynamic duo behind Kendice Creative. And it’s their vision, paired with your brand, that will result in incredible outcomes for your business. 


Hi, I’m Ken. And I’m Candice.

Together, we’re Kendice Creative.

So, you’ve browsed our expansive portfolio, sighted our qualifications and you’re under the impression we’re graphic designers, right? While we’re about to burst this bubble, you won’t be disappointed. You’re about to discover there’s more to us than that.

Put simply, we’re branding experts. We’re trusted by clients across Australia and internationally who reach out to us with the same pressing concern: How to take an amazing business, infuse it with a commanding visual message and swiftly turn clients’ heads?

Kendice Creative was born out of a desire to help people put their business pedal to the metal. Customer care is our priority at each step of the design process. Coupled with almost 20 years industry knowledge across branding, publication, copywriting and digital media and more, this guarantees your business will not only meet its marketing aspirations, they’ll be knocked out of the park.

Our quality of work demonstrates why we are the go-to for major brands time and time again. Smaller businesses and start-ups partner with us because of our customer-service focus from concept through to print products. Our big picture perspective (no pun intended!) means we look beyond our immediate partnership within Kendice Creative, and see you and your business as an extension of an impressive team.

How do we know that vision, credibility, reliability, attention to detail, a solution-focused attitude, originality and value are the very things which underpin your business? Because they’re the same superpowers we bring to the table. It should come as no surprise then that we recognise your brand deserves more than weekend wannabe designers. There’s not a free logo generator in sight pumping out substandard design at Kendice Creative!

So, what’s kept us perched at the forefront of an industry that’s constantly evolving? Our passion for incredible design, yes. But ultimately, it’s the clients we work with. Nothing makes us throw out high-fives more than exceeding our clients’ goals with new, innovative and highly original design. Nothing of course, except time with family, friends and studying emerging design trends!

Remarkable things happen when remarkable people work together. Our team of two – Ken and Candice – is a mighty start. Take your seats and let’s get this match underway – we can’t wait to see the goals that are chalked up when our team joins forces with yours.

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